Fun with Blender

Recently I have finally started using Blender (& Substance Painter) in earnest. I am starting to get a pipeline in place and have been doing all of the 3D art for the most recent RUST project. I wanted share a couple of insights that I picked up through this process. Learning through osmosis works (to […]

Observations of an Accidental Community Manager

So I gave a talk at Unite 2016. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


“In C” by Terry Riley is a special piece to me. It  was one of the most important works in forming my creative practice. In the piece Riley specifies 53 short phrases. Performers in the ensemble are to start at the the first phrase and start repeating it at tempo. Individually they each decide when […]

History of Railhead pt2

[this post originally appeared over on the RUST LTD. blog] In the previous post I talked about the initial development of 1887 as part of my MFA thesis. Like many of the games from that period of my life, I had shelved 1887 to make way for other projects. As anyone who has done a […]

History of Railhead

[this post originally appeared over on the RUST LTD. blog] We recently announced a new game called Railhead. While I am super excited to share this project I wanted to start by talking about its history. Part of what excites me about this project is that it has actually been years in the making. Railhead […]

Monty Hall variations

A few months ago a couple of articles bubbled up on Marilyn vos Savant and her famous analysis of the “Monty Hall Problem”. Never being one to shy away from a famous puzzle, I sat down and tried to intuit my way though it. When I failed to do that, I started talking to my […]

Grid Racer

This was a game that my Dad showed me years ago. Rules Materials: It is played on normal graph paper with a pen or pencil. It works best with 1-4 players Setup: You draw a race track on the board. There needs to be starting line. It has to fit on the paper. You usually […]

Synonym/Homonym Game

For a long time I have had a particular curiosity with games that are played entirely by talking. There are lots of games that involve language, or text, or even talking+other stuff, but I am referring to games that are made up almost entirely of wordplay. Games that don’t need Scrabble tiles or a condemned […]

Deconstructing Pair Solitaire

Pair Solitaire is a delightfully simple game which was released a couple of weeks ago on iOS (and eventually Android).  Designed by Vitaliy Zlotskiy and featuring audio by Shannon Mason the game has a “instant classic” feel to it. I could just imagine my grandmother teaching it to be at her kitchen table with a physical deck […]