Fun with Blender

Recently I have finally started using Blender (& Substance Painter) in earnest. I am starting to get a pipeline in place and have been doing all of the 3D art for the most recent RUST project. I wanted share a couple of insights that I picked up through this process. Learning through osmosis works (to […]

Observations of an Accidental Community Manager

So I gave a talk at Unite 2016. I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

Monty Hall variations

A few months ago a couple of articles bubbled up on Marilyn vos Savant and her famous analysis of the “Monty Hall Problem”. Never being one to shy away from a famous puzzle, I sat down and tried to intuit my way though it. When I failed to do that, I started talking to my […]

Deconstructing Pair Solitaire

Pair Solitaire is a delightfully simple game which was released a couple of weeks ago on iOS (and eventually Android).  Designed by Vitaliy Zlotskiy and featuring audio by Shannon Mason the game has a “instant classic” feel to it. I could just imagine my grandmother teaching it to be at her kitchen table with a physical deck […]