History of Railhead

[this post originally appeared over on the RUST LTD. blog] We recently announced a new game called Railhead. While I am super excited to share this project I wanted to start by talking about its history. Part of what excites me about this project is that it has actually been years in the making. Railhead […]

Monty Hall variations

A few months ago a couple of articles bubbled up on Marilyn vos Savant and her famous analysis of the “Monty Hall Problem”. Never being one to shy away from a famous puzzle, I sat down and tried to intuit my way though it. When I failed to do that, I started talking to my […]

Grid Racer

This was a game that my Dad showed me years ago. Rules Materials: It is played on normal graph paper with a pen or pencil. It works best with 1-4 players Setup: You draw a race track on the board. There needs to be starting line. It has to fit on the paper. You usually […]